Things to do in Tadoba National Park

Things to do in Tadoba Andheri National Park
(Tadoba Tiger Reserve Activities)

Are you thinking of visiting Tadoba Tiger Reserve? Here’s a list of our favorite activities to do in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is a tryst with an untamed environment, therefore there are certain to be plenty of locations to discover.

Take your camera and go on an adventure within the Reserves. There are reservoirs, waterways, and lakes that may be explored for bird viewing and photographing wild creatures out for refreshment. Not far from Tadoba are small places such as Wardha, Chandrapur, and Chimur, to which you may travel or take a bus for a day of exploring.

There are nearby towns and villages, such as Adegaon and Palasgaon, where you may get a taste of the local culture. Tadoba Tiger Reserve offers a wealth of vegetation and animals, and a safari tour would never be enough. There are facilities that provide more activities in addition to the Reserve’s abundance of natural beauties.

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Our Activates

We will provide you with a listing of some of the activities available when exploring Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

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Safari in Tadoba National Park

Gypsies vehicles and 22-seater minibusses may be reserved for tours of the Area. The amount of cars permitted through all the other Reserve’s six entrances is strictly enforced. Each automobile is accompanied by an expert who highlights the finest locations to visit for the highest possibilities of sighting tigers.

In between viewing leopards, you could come across the 7-foot-tall Indian Gaur, black bear, or bands of feral canines. The nighttime adventure on the fringes of Mohurli, from Padmapur to Kondegaon Entrance, is the most recent addition to Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

The frequent outings are divided into two segments, one in the daytime and the other in the evenings. There are six entrances for entering the protected area and 12 checkpoints for exiting the protected area.

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The government has organised boat excursions for visitors to Tadoba Tiger Reserve’s Irai reservoir as an aspect of an eco-tourism initiative. There will be battery-powered boats equipped with GPS tracking cruising in the Reserve’s population centres.

The Paddling Clubhouse is located near Sitarampeth, approximately 4 kilometres from the Mohurli Entrance. Boat trips are the greatest way to experience a quiet voyage over a beautiful river while also seeing and photographing the beautiful wildlife that gathers to feed downstream of the river.

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Nature Walks

The buffer zone at Pardi near Mohurli Gate has a 7-kilometre-long nature route through which you would travel your motorcycle while experiencing the fresh wind on your body and listening to the birds chirping or the wildlife seek for meals. The environmentally friendly tourism bike route, in addition to being a wonderful booster for the tourist industry, provides travellers with the exciting possibility of spending a day alone in the natural environment.

The cycling track wanders around a length near Irai Lake and is a great place to stop and observe the freshwater creatures. Motorcycle attractions are offered in the morning and evening, and you may select the ideal time to see the wildlife.

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Machan - watch towers

Machan Keep an Eye On:

The machan watch, a new eco-tourism experience in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, is sure to be as exciting as the adventure trip. In the buffer zones, the Mohurli and Palasgaon mountains will feature machans where people may sit and view the wildlife creatures.

A machan accommodates multiple individuals with a guide and provides more observation of the surroundings owing to its heights, and because it is disguised, travelers may see the creatures at their natural greatest. Foreign tourists would bring their own snacks, water, and plastic sheets to sit on and would stay on the machan for the time allocated to visitors.

The vacationers would expect to be paid for the machan watch as well as the coach and the gipsy cars which would transport visitors to the spot.

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Bird Watching

Bird Observation:

Tadoba Lake and River, as well as the Kolsa River, meander through into the Sanctuary. Although you may see a number of wildlife on the ground as you travel through the safaris by car, rivers and streams are some of the best places to see birdlife.

Tadoba Lake and River, as well as the Kolsa River, run throughout the Protected area, providing excellent opportunities for bird watching. Though you may see a range of species on the ground as you travel through the safaris by roadway, rivers and streams are some of the best places to see birdlife. Around 200 different bird species may be found around water bodies, including Tadoba Lake, which is a favored haunt of white-eyed buzzards and paradisiac eagles. You could even see an alligator or two, with animals, sloth bears, and wild animals frolicking on the other bank of the water.

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Landscaping & Picnic areas

Take a vacation from your adventure itinerary by visiting Chandrapur’s little landscapes and picnic areas. The Butterflies Garden in Agarzari is a peaceful and lovely luxuriant setting with play spaces for children, walkways around the flower beds for a visit, and a café for a quick lunch.

The APJ Abdul Kalam Garden is a pleasant spot to spend time with family and friends. This one features recreational spaces for children, sandstone seats to sit on, and an observation tower where you can get a birds-eye perspective of the surrounding region.

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Cultural Immersion

A Day Among the Tribes:

Go on a natural journey around the villages with a guide who will bring you up to date on the regional culture and traditions of the communities that live near the buffer zones of Tadoba Tiger Reserve. The Gonds, Kolams, Korkus, and tribes live in Tadoba’s tribal hamlets, and you can engage with them or even visit their houses.

Most Tadoba tribals are excellent artisans and craftsmen who concentrate on locally produced bamboo, and you may witness them as they create magnificent pieces of bamboo art, whether in furnishings, swinging, bundles, or picture frames.

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Village Visit

Take a drive:

There are charming small villages and localities close to Tadoba that are easily accessible by car. Take a bus or travel to one of these places, Hinganghad. The Vana River runs on opposite wings of Hinganghat, which is located in the lush valleys of Wardha.

Hinganghat is well-known for its cotton industry and hing, and among its most prominent major attractions are the Amba temple, Shahlangdi Hanuman Temple, and Shri Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Temple. Hinganghat is a tiny city that may be visited in a single day. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is around 88 kilometres from the city.

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Ramdegi is a beautiful rural environment in Chandrapur’s Chimur Taluk. It’s a lovely area for a journey, especially even during monsoon season when the scenery becomes luxuriant and greenest as the warm light bursts through into the skies.

Ramdegi is a tranquil location with a Rama temple and a Buddhist temple nearby the Ramdegi forest. The forest is home to dangerous creatures like tigers and leopards, and the Buddhist temple is only available to tourists during certain hours of the day. The road from Tadoba Tiger Reserve to Ramdegi winds through farmland on each side of a picturesque landscape. It would be wonderful to take a day trip to Ramdegi with friends or family members, especially with a picnic basket.